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3rd World Electric – Kilimanjaro Secret Brew

Wow! What do you mean groovy?!! Times of Weather Report revive. This septet swings through the roof with instrumental fusion and jazzrock. 3rd World Electric has been launched by Jonas Reingold, The Flower Kings bass player, who is not holding back his funky talent here. The Swede reveals himself as the Jaco Pastorius of the new millennium, but that’s no news. In our time he is top of the bill. He got the idea for this new band together with Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings and TransAtlantic), a well-known musician who considers this music as a tribute to keyboardist Joe Zawinul (one ballad has been name after him). It struck me that he doesn’t step in the limelight with solos, except his wahwah-contributions in the Brecker Brothers-like Tincan Robots, or the jazzy moments of the title track.

There is much more space for the amazing saxophonist Karl Martin Almqvist, sometimes with big band proportions (Downbeat Dakar). And what a beautiful fast played tune in The Lave Juggler. The rhythm breaks here are seductive and from no less than the American master of session Dave Weckl. Yes, the Swedes managed to engage him for three songs. During the other five songs the unsurpassed Zoltan Csörsz (ex-Flower Kings) does all the drumming, really not a newbie and totally in his place in this swinging fusion band. Ayi Solomon interlarded everything with congas and percussion, for sure colourfully played in the long latin-feel of the light Children Of The Future.

Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic) professionally touches the Fender Rhodes, piano and other keyboards in the important part he plays in each song.

You get it, 3rd World Electric is an actual hit, in the footsteps of legendary names from the seventies, like George Duke, Passport, Herbie Hancock, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Billy Cobham.

What a party it will be to eat this stew on the Kilimanjaro mountain.

Freek Wolff ( IO pages - Nerherlands)